samedi 26 mars 2011

Vozes de Nos - Nos Voix - Our Voices.

From May to August 2010, for an illustrated book project called "Vozes de Nós" I went to three African countries: Guinea Bissau, Angola and São Tomé and Prìncipe. Countries I know well, having been there repeatedly since 2000. In each of these countries, I have coordinated illustration/writing workshops and conducted a lot of interviews.
For that project, I received an economic and a logistic support from several Non-Governmental Organizations, or NGOs: ACEP in Portugal, AMIC in Guinea, OKUTIUKA in Angola, and NOVO FUTURO in São Tomé and Prìncipe. The community of Portuguese Language Countries, CPLP, and the Gulbenkian Foundation has assumed much of the funding. More information here + hereBelow, some pages of the book.

Intercalaire - Insert - Intercalado

L'un des textes d'introduction + Carte d'un pays - An introductory text + Map of one country -  Um texto da apresentação + Mapa dum país - 

Exemples de pages intérieures- Examples of inside pagesExemplos de páginas do livro.

Un glossaire - A glossaryum glossário.

Quelques images des acteurs du livre - A few pictures of the crew - Algumas fotos dos participantes

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