mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Casa dos Direitos - Bissau (House of the Right - Bissau)

Last year, in company of some photographers (professionals or not), I participated in an exhibition about the daily life of Guineans women. Below are some pictures that I had proposed.
At the beginning of February, I’ll go to Bissau to organize a workshop on the history of "Casa dos Direitos" (House of the Rights), which was, for years, the first police station in Bissau but also a prison. Back to Guinea is a true gift for me and I really thank ACEP who continues to trust me (And I ask myself: Why I only work for the Portuguese?).  
1 – Nelita, Enterramento neighborhood. 2 – Woman, Sao Domingos. 3 – Women, Buba. 4 – Jola women dancing, Quelele, Bissau. 5 – Women, Children’s day, Enterramento neighborhood. 6 – Sleeping woman, Quelele neighborhood. 7 – Quelele neighborhood at the beginning of the rain station. 8 – Cook, Childen’s day, Enterramento neighborhood. 9 - Well, Quelele neighborhood. 10 – Well, Belem neighborhood.
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