lundi 27 juillet 2015

Trois îles au large de la confusion - Three islands off confusion.

Three islands off confusion.
King Rinaldo the Rusty.
During the Summer, his garden planted of potato trees is incredibly refreshing.
He doesn't like when kids come to practice strange dances in the middle of the garden.
He normally invites them to go for a walk on the beach.
 "Hey, here is my umbrella, take it!"
Three islands off confusion.
The kids prefer the wicked man who lives on the other side of the small island.  
It has no teeth, laughs like an idiot, but tells great stories...

mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Ankou e os Coelhos coloridos - Ankou and the Colored Rabbits

Ankou is alone on the beach, doing some exercice on its rope.
Hop, Hop, Hop.
Hey, here's blue Rabbit!
Having a friend is so good.
Just for fun, Ankou does a sculpture. Blue Rabbit likes it.
Hey, here's yellow Rabbit!
Once again, Ankou sculpts a small pile of pebbles. So easy to do!
Yellow Rabbit doesn't care at all.
Hey, here's black Rabbit!
For him, Ankou does one more scupture. He tries a new shape to keep the balance.
Black Rabbit is pretty hermetic and has no notion about modern art.
Hey, here's green Rabbit!
Ankou is a enthusiastic character! So, he does a new piece for his new friend.
Green Rabbit shot a glance and says:"No, thanks! I prefer a good carrot!"
Hey, here is Red Rabbit!
To impress his friend, Ankou takes off his head and gives it to Red Rabbit. Then, he builds a cute sculpture to replace his old head. Now, he has a new stony head. So great!
Colored Rabbits are not all the same, says Ankou. Some are really cool!
…and the last one made by Ankou the Sculptor!

mardi 14 juillet 2015