mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Ankou e os Coelhos coloridos - Ankou and the Colored Rabbits

Ankou is alone on the beach, doing some exercice on its rope.
Hop, Hop, Hop.
Hey, here's blue Rabbit!
Having a friend is so good.
Just for fun, Ankou does a sculpture. Blue Rabbit likes it.
Hey, here's yellow Rabbit!
Once again, Ankou sculpts a small pile of pebbles. So easy to do!
Yellow Rabbit doesn't care at all.
Hey, here's black Rabbit!
For him, Ankou does one more scupture. He tries a new shape to keep the balance.
Black Rabbit is pretty hermetic and has no notion about modern art.
Hey, here's green Rabbit!
Ankou is a enthusiastic character! So, he does a new piece for his new friend.
Green Rabbit shot a glance and says:"No, thanks! I prefer a good carrot!"
Hey, here is Red Rabbit!
To impress his friend, Ankou takes off his head and gives it to Red Rabbit. Then, he builds a cute sculpture to replace his old head. Now, he has a new stony head. So great!
Colored Rabbits are not all the same, says Ankou. Some are really cool!
…and the last one made by Ankou the Sculptor!

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