mardi 3 juin 2014

Schools/Lectures/Workshops, Here There And Everywhere.

In recent months, I gave some lectures/workshops and courses in different and nice places. Here is a short summary.

ARCO, Lisbon, Portugal
This is the second time I teach in that school so fabulously located ! Below the castle Sao Jorge, you can see ferries crossing the Tagus, the other side (Alentejo) and a vast sky that brightens up your day. Many famous Portuguese illustrators provide courses in this location such as Nuno Saraiva, Daniel Lima, Catarina Sobral, etc. (Many Thanks to Jorge Nesbitt for the fun time I'm having there)

Escola Nacional de Artes Visuais, ENAV (National School of Visual Arts), Maputo, Mozambique.
In November 2013, invited by his director, Jorge Dias, I introduced my work to some students. 
ENAV doesn't provide illustration courses but has graphic, ceramic and textile courses. Most of the Mozambican artists and craftsmen are just doing great! 
  Here is an interesting text  about Art in Mozambique.
The school is divided in two different buildings: I went to the one located in a beautiful colonial Portuguese building in downtown Maputo, in Bagamoyo street.

Escola Portuguesa de Moçambique - Maputo, Mozambique.
In October and November 2013, I had the chance to teach illustration at  the Portuguese school. Such a nice school with an amazing collection of Mozambican ceramics (Makonde) and masks.
The school publishes also illustrated books for young people, certainly the best production in Mozambique. Texts and illustrations are produced by Mozambican writers and artists. 
(Many thanks to Ana Serouca, Luis Antunes, Calisto Namburete e Luisa Antunes)  

Casa dos Direitos - Bissau, Guinea Bissau.
In March 2014, I spent two weeks with a dozen young people to do a visual journalism book (illustrations and interviews) dedicated to the history of the first police station and former prison of Bissau, Guinea Bissau. Soon, more information about that book.

Aljustrel - Portugal
Invited by the Museum of Aljustrel, normally dedicated to the mine activity (History&Industry), Pierre Pratt and I, we gave an entertaining lecture about our activity as foreign illustrator (We both have some strong connections with Portugal). We also made a short presentation in a public school where dozens of kids tried to all speak at the same time! Anyway, many thanks to our friend Maria Ana Pereira for such a good time in Aljustrel.
First, a Rino by myself, then an elephant by Magic Pierre.

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