lundi 2 juin 2014

Portuguese illustrated books on Catalivros

Since 1994, as an illustrator and sometimes author, I published several books in Portugal. Now you can read and see the illustrations of the following titles on Catalivros.
A Cor Instável, written by João Paulo, published by Afrontamento.
O Pai NatalPreguiçoso e a Rena Rodolfa, written by Ana Saldanha, published by Caminho.
Histórias da Bruxa Rabuja, written by José Colaço Barreiros, published by Texto Editora.
O ladrão dePalavras, written by Francisco Duarte Mangas, published by Caminho.
A Cerejeira daLua e Outras Histórias Chinesas, written by António Torrado, published by ASA.
Todos os Rapazes São Gatos, written by Álvaro Magalhães, published by ASA.
For some time already, my pencils don't have the same effectiveness. Blame the stones, and other small things that I met on my way.

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