mardi 5 avril 2011

Nekepell Bihan - Les aventures de Zulian

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During one year (1995/96), and while I also worked as a cow-boy on a farm in Pont-Melvez, Brittany, I held the youth section Nekepell Bihan, of the weekly Breton newspaper Nekepell.
Nekepell was amazing adventure for many reporters, cartoonists, and photographers. Gerard Alle was the editor.
For Nekepell Bihan, I conducted several interviews with farmers, craftsmen, musician, children, etc. I also wrote many short stories illustrated by illustrators like Goutal, Monique Brouillard or myself and I worked with many schools. For nekepell I also started short stories about Zulian. He must still be somewhere close to St. Nicodeme.
I miss him a lot! Like I miss Fest-Noz and the smell of cows!
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