samedi 2 février 2013

Vozes de Nos - Volume 2

Vozes de Nos - Volume 2, is finally published!
Vozes de Nos (Our voices) are stories and pictures of children from Bissau, Dili, Huambo, Maputo, Praia and Sao Tome.
 This second volume concerns the three following countries and organizations: 
Cape Verde: ACRIDES – Associação Crianças Desfavorecidas
East-Timor: Fórum Comunicação e Juventude (FCJ) 
Mozambique: Meninos De Moçambique (MDM)
Coordination being effected by
Children love to draw. It is a natural creative act and, at some point, it's therapeutic. 
Drawings bring poetry where there is no hope anymore. Many of us like to draw. But how many of us do it? Like a negative flash, a sarcastic eye can annihilate all our efforts. A little bit more of attention and perseverance, and surely someone would be happy.
I had a lot of fun organizing these workshops and the result is absolutely stunning.

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